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White hair: Purple shampoo DIY and more

February 15, 2015

If you’ve ever bleached your hair, you know how hard it is to take care of it afterwards. It’s even harder for white hair, because the purple shampoos that actually work are pricy, as well as all those other products you have to use to keep it healthy and shiny. I have had white hair before and now I finally have it again. This post is not about bleaching 0r dying your hair, my recommendation is to let the hairdresser you trust do it for you(if you can afford it), since you could damage it on your own.

Ok, so let’s start. My hairdresser, Zoran Cumura, dyed my hair white 20 days ago. I tried most drugstore purple shampoos and they didn’t do it for me. My hair kept washing out yellow. Also, there was this green ombre that wouldn’t disappear. My idea was to bleach it, but my hairdresser told me not to. Luckily, this mix washed it off to white. It’s cheap, easy and effective.

Here is what you need for your own Purple Shampoo:

Shampoo of your choice


Tea spoon

Manic Panic’s Ultra Violet Hairdye


Mix 7 teaspoons of shampoo with 1/3 of a tea spoon of Ultra Violet. When you wash your hair, after you rub the mix in, leave it on for 5 min then wash it off. I swear it worked wonders for me. I still have pastel violet patches but it washed off the green parts of my hair after 2 washes and the patches are barely noticeable now, I think they too will disappear in 2 more washes.

Ultra Violet hair dye is 14$ and you can purchase it here  but you can also check out Ebay or wait for a sale and get it cheaper. It will last you 6 months. I think this definitely is a cheaper solution than 20$ purple shampoos that might or might not work that will last you only a month.

Important note: Watch out how much of the dye you put in the shampoo so that you don’t end up having pastel purple hair. Unless you want violet hair 😛

Want your hair to look shiny and healthy? Here is a neat trick for those with dry and normal hair: Rub moisturizing cream you use for your face into your hair and leave it on for an hour, then wash your hair as you usually do. You will see the difference the second it drys off. I do this once every 2 weeks. Here is how it looked this morning after I did it:


If you want long white hair my advice is to lay off the hair iron, blow dry it only when you really need to and most importantly, cut your hair every 2 months. You don’t have to cut a lot, just a cm makes a big difference. It helps it grow faster. Also try not to wear ponytails all the time since it stops your hair from breathing. Same with hats. Lastly, when you brush your hair, brush it from the bottom to the top, gently, that way you will loose less hair.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any questions you can comment below, it’s anonymous and you don’t need to register in order to do it. xx

1st pic Hoodie/ Dead Legacy

3d pic Tee/ Envoutant Online




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