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The Little Mermaid

April 30, 2015




One of the stories that stuck to me when I was a little girl was `The little mermaid`(Danish:Den lille havfrue)  by H.C. Andersen.      You see in the original fairytale, mermaids live up to 300 years and unlike humans, they do not have an eternal soul. Sea folk turn into sea foam when they die and they cease to exist. The little mermaid saw the prince and fell in love. She wanted a chance to have an eternal soul, just like humans, so she struck a deal with the sea witch who gave her the legs she desired in exchange for her most praised possession -her voice. Not only did she get human feet, but an ability to dance like no other girl, but that came with a price as well. Every time she was to dance it would feel like she was stepping on glass. The witch told her that if she doesn’t make the prince fall in love with her she will turn into the sea foam. When the prince found her on the beach, he grew fond of her even tho everyone around her saw her as a fool and a mute. What he loved the most was her beautiful face and her mesmerizing dance( which she did for him even tho it caused her unbearable pain). Soon prince was to be married to a princess from another kingdom and he instantly fell in love with his bride. The king made a big feast on the boat to celebrate the wedding. Mermaid’s sisters came to her and told her they sold their luscious hair to the sea witch in exchange for the dagger that she could use to kill the prince(now king). If she were to do that, witch said she could rejoin her family and be a mermaid again. Little mermaid couldn’t do that because she loved the prince too much, so she took the dagger and jumped from the ship, turning into sea foam.

This story inspired me to try to portrait the brokenhearted mermaid as she is about to jump into her death. Luckily, I work with talented people who always have the same vision as me and create it just like I envisioned it in my head. Nemanja Taneski is a dear friend and a photographer who captured these moments. Racic Anja is my best friend and also the editor who gave it this dreamy mood. We used Manic Panic glitter for the mermaid tears. My hairdresser used Cotton Candy Pink shade of Manic Panic hair dye to achieve this hair color.


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