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Rainy weather blues

January 25, 2015








DSC_0166 (1)

Lately, I’ve been busy with writing my final paper, but now that I’m done, I get to defend it in a week or so. I didn’t post much because let’s face it- I was home with no make up on, in my PJs, just writing the paper, cooking yummy food and watching Orphan Black when I get tired. Only way people could drag me out of my room was by offering me food(that always works on me, if they invite me to go clubbing I’m going to complain until they get tired of asking, but when it comes to dinners and lunches my answer is always yes :D)

These pics were taken yesterday, after my teacher approved the paper and I met up with a friend to celebrate it. If I look sad or angry on them it’s because I was really hungry. Also the rain ruined my ponytale(as you can see on the last pics).


Photography/ Nemanja Taneski

Edit/ Racic Anja

Trench Coat/ vintage C&A

Dress/ Disturbia



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