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Pastel hair: easy and on budget

February 5, 2017

Pic by Nemanja Glumac

Since I get a lot of questions about my hair, especially on how I get it pastel,  I thought I’d share my ways with you, but first:  All of what you will read now only applies to blonde or bleached hair, since it won’t work on dark hair.

These are two ways I get pastel hair:

  1. Sometimes I use a vibrant semi-permanent hairdye and wait for it to wash off
  2. 90% of the time I mix that dye with conditioner to get my hair pastel

Today I’ll tell you all about the second one. It’s cheap and easy. It only takes you a few hours and way less money than a hairdresser or buying a few hairdyes instead of one hairdye and a conditioner. So let me walk you through it

Here is what you’ll need :

  1. Semi permanent hair dye (Manic Panic for example). First of all don’t ever get pastel hair dye. Get vibrant hair color. You never know if the pastel dye will even work on your hair plus if you get a vibrant one you can use it a bunch of times so it saves you lots of money especially if you have long hair like me.

-A bottle of cheap hair conditioner (it should say NO SILICONE on the bottle), you might need 2 bottles if your hair is long

-mixing bowl (you can use any plastic bowl as one)

-color brush (or you can use your hands if you prefer, I know some people who find it easier that way)

-surgical or cleaning gloves (unless you want the dye to stay on your hands for a day or so  and color everything your touch like some pastel version of King Midas)

-old Tshirt

-shower cap or an old towel you don’t mind destroying 😛

-hair pins

Mix hairdye and conditioner into the mixing bowl using the brush. Put twice as much conditioner (if you were to put in ½ cup of hairdye, put a cup of conditioner). Some hairdyes like for example hot pink are so vibrant you can actually use ¼ hair dye ¾ conditioner. If you have really long hair you will need at least half of bottle of hairdye.  Be careful tho, don’t go overboard with conditioner or the hairdye won’t work. I recommend to get a few shades darker than what you want. Worst case scenario-you will wash it 2 times and it will wash out. You can check if it’s the shade you like by dying one strand of hair with it. When you put the mix on your hair, rub it your hair onto your scalp gently to make sure you put it all on evenly. After an hour check if there are no `holes` or bits where the hair dye is not as vibrant and apply the hairdye there to make it even. Leave it on for 30 more min and you’re good to go:D When you wash your hair it will be silky soft and pastel.


Other ways or keeping your hair pastel for a longer amount of time:

-Wash your hair with cold water.

-Don’t wash your hair every day, wash it every 5 days. Or at least try not to wash it that often.


My shower is all pink/blue, it looks like a unicorn/smurf had a bath there! What do I do? Easiest way to clean your bathtub is All-purpose cleaner mixed with bleach.

Hairdye I would  recommend is Manic Panic. They are cruelty free& vegan.

Hope this was helpful <3


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