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Giambattista Valli x Mac Lipstick Shade Eugenie Review

June 22, 2015

I was lucky to be one of the first bloggers to try a piece from the new Giambattista Valli x Mac collection. It was no big surprise that this collaboration happened, since GV has been working with Mac for 10 years now (used their make up for fashion shows, photoshoots etc..). This collection was inspired by his affinity for femininity, color and florals. It is believed that his dresses were the inspiration for the packaging as well as the choice of colors. As long as we are talking about packaging all I can say is amazing. It is a simple, matte packaging that matches the color inside. The fact that the case is the same color as the lipstick is great because now I won’t have to dive into my collection of lipsticks and look for the shade I want for ages, now it just takes seconds. This limited collection contains 5 full coverage matte lipsticks(18$ each) and one potted lip gloss(23$) and it will hit the Mac Stores counters (and the online shop) on 9th of July (So I guess we can expect it here in Serbia and Croatia in August). So here are some pics of the lipstick, swatches and me clumsily trying it on(don’t judge me, I got it 6 hours ago but I was so excited and wanted to write about it right away). Oh yeah, I almost forgot, this shade is called Eugenie. I love this lipstick and I put it 6 hours ago and I had lunch and drank coffee in the meantime and it’s still on, so wooo #MACGBV






I want to thank the lovely Nana( ) for sending me a Mac care package with a sweet note and taking her time in picking the right shade of lipstick for me, as well as letting me try this one before anyone else 😛


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