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Dior Poison Perfume Review

January 21, 2015





I couldn’t get this divine scent out of my head since 3 months ago, when I tried it at my best friend’s place.  Luckily, we share the same taste in perfumes so I always get to discover new ones without going to the trouble of visiting Sephora.

Poison is very unique. At first when I smelled it, it seemed too grown up for me, but when I smelled it again an hour later I fell in love. It’s one of those perfumes that you either hate or love. This fragrance is loud and intriguing.  It’s rich, woody and spicy yet sweet. The main notes I sense are Rose, Cinnamon and Jasmine. Base notes I recognize are Sandalwood and Vanilla.

One of my favorite things about it is that it stays on for up to 10 hours! It’s definitely one of my first perfumes that hold on for so long. I spent the whole day at the city doing some errands and later on when I met up with my friend, she complimented my scent and asked what was it. That’s probably my second favorite thing-I get lots of compliments for this Dior’s fragrance. The package really is the third thing- it looks like it could belong to fairytale witch, it’s just so out of this worldly.

A little goes a long way- unlike most perfumes, spraying it 3 x is more than enough, it will keep you smelling divine all trough the day.

I can’t really think of anything negative to say. I am definitely buying this again once I run out. It’s a keeper.

The unique bottle and long history of this perfume made me want to read up on it. I found out that the face that represents Poison by Dior is Eva Green and one of the faces before that was Milla Jovovich(1999). Those two are my favorite ladies next to Charlize Theron who is also the face of Dior haha. One of the ads for this scent was done by my favorite fashion photographer-Bruno Dayan. I guess there was no way for me not to like it.

Since the scents I always go are on the pricy side, I buy them online, on websites that I checked out to have original product for the reasonable price. My favorite at the moment is and that is where I got Dior Poison fragrance. They always have sales and best of all-free worldwide shipping. If you spend enough money they also give you presents.


The tiara on the second pic is from Naturae Design


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