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4 Instagram Profiles You Should Know About

October 16, 2015

I know I’ve been gone a while. I was really busy with work (I finally got a job doing what I love-web marketing) so it took a while to learn how to organize my time. I think I finally have it figured out so (hopefully) from now on I’ll be really active.

Lately, Instagram has been my happy place. It’s full of inspiring people and it’s not hard to get hooked on it (I know I did!). I chose to share some profiles that I really like and find inspiring with you today. The first 3 profiles are ladies who are very creative and their instagram profiles are like a form of a diary- there are daily snaps of their every day life, of their city, their rooms, clothes and make up. 4th one is a surpirse. So let’s start:


1. Audrey Kitching


I’ve followed Audrey ever since she became popular on Myspace. She went from a vibrant colored scene queen, to a pastel toneddown fashionista. I love how her style evolved and her internet store- Crystal Cactus.

2. Kirsten Mclennan


I found Kirsten on Instagram a year ago. She’s a Model/Blogger who lives in Hong Kong with her boyfriend. She has one of those beautiful high fashion faces and a unique eye for photography and dyes her hair as much as I do. Check her out, and you’ll enjoy her adventures as much as I do.

3. Ivana Vetma


I found Ivana few months ago and it was such a big surprise. I can’t believe that someone who lives near me and is only 19 years old has such a strong and unique aesthetic. We share the love for everything grey and we both have long grey hair. If you check her out you won’t regret it because I’m pretty sure Tumblr is full of girls posting pics of Ivana’s gorgeous face and hashtaging it #goals.

4. All Grey


I made this Instagram Page because I’ve been opsessing over everything grey lately and I noticed that I’m not alone in this, so it only seemed right to make a platform where I’ll post everything that’s grey and beautiful-from nails, hair, make up to interior design and cats. My goal is also to promote interesting people who make beautiful pictures on it too. Tag #allgrey and you might get featured.



Social Media Manager. Anime girl. Cat mommy. Sushi enthusiasist from Belgrade, Serbia

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